Useful Links


  • Screen Skills Ireland
  • Script Supervisors UK
  • Script Supervising Made Easy
  • No Film School

  • Podcasts:

  • Team Deakins
  • BBC Radio 4 Cinema's Secret History: The Script Supervisor. Episode features Susanna Lenton, Karan Jones, Angela Allen, Sylvette Baudrot
  • On The Page Podcast. Episode 515 features Sylvia Parker

  • Articles:

  • Beverly Gray Blog - Meta Carpenter Wilde And The Script Supervisor's Unblinking Eye
  • Blackfilm - Meet Dawn Gilliam
  • No Film School - What Does A Script Supervisor Do?
  • No Film School - What Is A Script Supervisor?
  • Sothebys - On Set With Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart
  • The Uncool - Meet The Crew: Script Supervisor Ana Maria Quintana
  • Vulture - Gossiping About Katharine Hepburn And Humphrey Bogart With Living Legend Angela Allen

  • Reading Materials


  • Script Supervising and Film Continuity (Pat P. Miller)
  • The 5 C’s of Cinematography: Motion Picture Techniques Simplified (Joseph V. Mascelli)
  • Beyond Continuity: Script Supervision for the Modern Filmmaker (Mary Cybulski)