How To Become An SSGI Script Supervisor

The progression route is from trainee to Script Supervisor. The qualifications required to become a trainee, and to upgrade, are governed by the Script Supervisors' Guild of Ireland (SSGI). While there are no official educational requirements to become a Script Supervisor, a well-balanced education, common-sense and a keen interest in the art of filmmaking are an advantage. Before becoming a trainee, we recommend that some time is spent on set shadowing a Guild Script Supervisor to gain an understanding of the job.

As a trainee, a candidate will spend a specific number of days training with experienced Guild Script Supervisors on:
  • Feature films (both small and large budget)
  • Television dramas (both small and large budget)
  • Commercials
  • Dave Moran teaching a Script Supervising course for Screen Skills Ireland, 2016

    A trainee will also be required to spend time in an editing suite and to complete a specific amount of unsupervised training before qualifying to be a Guild recognised Script Supervisor.

    A detailed handbook on the job of a Script Supervisor, from prep through to picture wrap, is available from the Guild for anyone interested in becoming a trainee. As a Guild, the reputation of excellence we have achieved in our industry is one we endeavour to maintain with all incoming Script Supervisors. The training we offer is thorough and is designed to give aspiring Script Supervisors the opportunity to obtain a high level of understanding of our craft.

    For further information, or to request a copy of our handbook, please contact us.

    For those wanting to submit their CVs, please click here for a comprehensive guide on what we look for.