How To Become An SSGI Script Supervisor

The progression route is from trainee to Script Supervisor. The qualifications required to become a trainee, and to upgrade, are governed by the Script Supervisors' Guild of Ireland (SSGI). While there are no official educational requirements to become a Script Supervisor, a well-balanced education, common-sense and a keen interest in the art of filmmaking are an advantage. Before becoming a trainee, we recommend that some time is spent on set shadowing a Guild Script Supervisor to gain an understanding of the job.

As a trainee, a candidate will spend a specific number of days training with experienced Guild Script Supervisors on:
  • Feature films (both small and large budget)
  • Television dramas (both small and large budget)
  • Commercials
  • Dave Moran teaching a Script Supervising course for Screen Skills Ireland, 2016

    A trainee will also be required to spend time in an editing suite and to complete a specific amount of unsupervised training before qualifying to be a Guild recognised Script Supervisor.

    The training we offer is thorough and is designed to give aspiring Script Supervisors the opportunity to obtain a high level of understanding of our craft.

    SSGI is currently not accepting new trainees. This page will be updated when positions become available.